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Ya-style exhibition with 80 Chinese enterprises to participate in Plast 2018

Industry News
2018/08/16 16:44
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Following the Chinaplas 2018 international rubber and Plastic Exhibition and NPE 2018, the three-year Plast Milan international Plastic exhibition was hit by the heavy attack, held at the new International Exhibition Center in Milan May 29, 2018 June 1. In recent years, Sino-Italian economic cooperation has deepened. According to statistics from the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, the number and amount of plastic machinery exported to Europe in China over the past 3 years have shown a significant increase. The number of plastic machines exported to Europe in 2015 amounted to 44,681 units, the amount of which was 203.12 million U.S. dollars, and the volume of plastic machine exports increased to 127,399 in 2016, to $226.11 million.
2017, the number climbed further, the number of plastic machines exported to Europe reached 288,217 units, the amount of 315.05 million U.S. dollars. The number and amount of plastic machines imported from Europe also showed a growing trend. The number of plastic machines imported from Europe in 2015 was 2,062, the amount was 602.68 million U.S. dollars, 2016 and 2017, the import volume of plastic machine was 3,058 units and 2,588, the amount is 551.51 million U.S. dollars and 639.72 million U.S. dollars respectively. Among them, the number and amount of plastic machinery imported from Italy in mainland China also showed an increasing trend, from 2015 to 233, 73.52 million U.S. dollars to 331 units in 2017 and 79.18 million dollars.
This shows that the economic and trade cooperation between China and Italy and Europe has been deepened.
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