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CHINAPLAS2018 International Rubber and Plastic exhibition will be relocated to the new pavilion--Shanghai Hongqiao National Conv

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2018/08/16 16:41
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April 2018 24-27th in Shanghai Chinaplas 2018 International Rubber and plastic exhibition will bid farewell to Lung Yang Road, farewell to Shanghai New International Expo Center, officially relocated to the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai Hongqiao.

At that time, the National Convention and Exhibition Center 400,000 square meters of indoor exhibition venues, will be presented to exhibitors more space for exhibition, Chinaplas development will enter a new milestone stage.

The rapid development of Chinaplas can not be separated from every one of the rubber-plastic people!

In recent years, Chinaplas International Rubber exhibition benefited from the rapid development of China's plastic industry, exhibition area is also expanding, from 2011 2,400 exhibitors, exhibition area of 180,000 square meters to 2017 of more than 3,300 exhibitors, exhibition area of more than 250,000 square meters.

Liang Yaqi, general manager of YA-style Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. said: "Before Chinaplas every time in Shanghai, all the indoor pavilions will be full, in 2016, in addition to the use of all indoor showrooms, additional 14 outdoor exhibition hall to meet the huge booth demand."

This is not the most convenient solution for exhibitors and viewers, especially when it comes to rainy days, it will bring inconvenience to the visitors.

Considering the need for the long-term development of the exhibition, the International Rubber and Plastic exhibition held in Shanghai in 2018 is necessary to find another venue.

After careful assessment and analysis, it is concluded that the National Convention and Exhibition Center (NECC), which has 400,000 square meters of exhibition area in Shanghai Hongqiao, is the suitable venue for the international rubber and plastic exhibition.

Chinaplas will mission, indomitable!

Moving to the new pavilion requires painstaking planning, especially for the Chinaplas International Rubber and Plastic exhibition, which is huge and technically complex.

The 2018 exhibition area and pavilion location distribution has been in intensive planning, then exhibitors into the museum and the time to withdraw will also be extended to help them better adapt to this new pavilion.

CHINAPLAS 2018 International rubber and Plastic exhibition will be an orderly and planned expansion.

Although the National Convention and Exhibition Center has 400,000 square meters of exhibition area, but will not infinitely expand the scale of the exhibition, we will be more in the display content and connotation of more investment in the work, 2018 is expected to show the area will be controlled in 300,000 square meters.

It is heartening that the rising technological standards of Chinese manufacturing are constantly looming in Europe and the United States, which will certainly promote Chinaplas's technical representation and become the most important platform for the global rubber and plastics industry to display cutting-edge rubber and plastics technology and expand China and Asia markets.

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